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'What would you do if…' Quiz

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1 . What would you do if a friend gets bitten on the leg by a snake?

The correct answer is - Wrap limb using Pressure Immobilisation Technique

Pressure Immobilisation Technique is now the widely accepted form of First Aid for dealing with all species of Australian snakes, including sea snakes. A broad pressure bandage should be applied over the bite site as soon as possible. Then the bandage be wound upwards from the lower portion of the bitten limb, extending as high as possible up the limb. Do not take clothing off as the movement of doing so will promote the movement of venom into the blood stream. The patient should be kept still. Lie the patient down to prevent walking or moving around. Have the patient taken immediately by ambulance to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

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2 . What is one sign or symptom of a stroke?

The correct answer is - Loss of speech or the uttering of meaningless sounds

Other signs of stroke include tingling, weakness or numbness; loss of muscle tone of the face muscles; nausea; unequal pupils, blurred or double vision; loss of bladder or bowel control; headache; loss of balance and coordination and deteriorating conscious state or unconsciousness.

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3 . What is one sign of symptom of someone having a heart attack?

The correct answer is - Profuse sweating

This is one sign of someone having a heart attack, other signs include persistent pain or pressure in the chest; shortness of breath, increased breathing rate; irregular pulse; nausea and vomiting and pale, grey or bluish skin. To assist someone in this situation, it is recommended to help the person to rest comfortably, loosen clothing; call 000; assist with any prescribed medication; monitor vital signs and be prepared to administer CPR and defibrillation.

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4 . What would you do if someone has an asthma attack?

The correct answer is - Reassure and help the person to rest

The person should be reassured and helped to rest. To help in this situation a First Aider can assist with administration of the person’s medication also it is important to check the Use By Date of the medication and follow their emergency asthma management plan if available.

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